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New Item! The beauty of red lacquer is wonderful.

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New arrival

The Hibiki Yamanaka Lacquer boxes with divider is now available in a new color.

When I held the actual product in my hand, I had the impression that the harmony of the wood grain and vermillion lacquer is just beautiful!

While the black color of the same item has a chic and dignified feel, the red color makes the table look gorgeous and bright.

I think this is a item that will make you want to use it carefully for a long time.


Last week, a staff member was eating katsudon served on a red kutani ware donburi.

Doesn’t this Katsudon look shiny and golden?

“Katsu” means fried food, but it also means “win” in Japanese, and is sometimes eaten to bring good luck before a game.

I believe whoever eats this golden pork cutlet will be able to win any competition.

The Tokyo Paralympics will start next week. I wish all the athletes safe travels and all the best!

I found a recipe of “Baked Katsudon“. It’s interesting.

Moto. Fusada – Founder & CEO

Father of a 4 year old daughter. Interests are visiting potters, sake, and camping.

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