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Good habits bring beauty

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Ishida Three Point Support Chopsticks

When you eat with someone, you don’t stare at the way they eat, but if the way they eat is beautiful, you will naturally have a good impression of them.

Ishida, a leading manufacturer of chopsticks, has introduced an item that supports the correct way to hold chopsticks according to your hand size and handedness.

By matching the markings on the chopsticks with the position of your hands, it supports the most beautiful and functional hand movements.

My 4-year-old daughter started chopstick training with these support items.

She still can’t grasp food well, but when she holds the chopsticks in her hand, the form has become very beautiful.

When I was little, I was not very conscious of how to hold chopsticks and had a hard time correcting that, so I find these support items wonderful.

When you let your child try, it might be a good idea for adults to buy their own as well.

If you try to force a child to use chopsticks, they may not like it, but if you show them that you enjoy using them, they may naturally want to do it.

If you hand the chopsticks to the child at that time, he or she may spontaneously take up the challenge.

Items Pick Up

If you are already familiar with using chopsticks, you may want to pay attention to the size of the chopsticks.

It’s a small thing, but it will make mealtime more enjoyable!

Yamachiku Okaeri Clear Lacquered Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks 16cm/6.3in – 23cm/9in

Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Wakasa Lacquer Reusable Chopsticks Blue 15cm/5.9in – 22.5cm/8.9in

Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Wakasa Lacquer Reusable Chopsticks Red 15cm/5.9in – 22.5cm/8.9in

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