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May God bless you and your loved ones

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Good luck gifts that convey your feelings

A lucky charm is an object that brings good luck.

Japanese lucky charms have a long history, and there are many items that have been used to bring good luck since ancient times. There are many lucky charms that have been used for a long time to bring good fortune, such as a bountiful harvest, prosperity in business, and safety in the home.

By giving them as gifts, we can express our gratitude.

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Seikou Kiln Hokusai Wave Kutani Sauce Plate
Mt.Fuji and Sakura Yamanaka Lacquer Pair Reusable Chopsticks 23cm/9in
Red Phoenix Kutani Sakazuki Flat Sake Cup
Kutani Lucky Cat – Maneki Neko J
Kutani Lucky Cat – Maneki Neko D
Two Cranes in Sea of Clouds Kutani Japanese Flower Vase
Bizan Kiln Hokusai Fuji Kutani Round Plate


Nian Gao (Chinese new year sweet rice cake) recipe from The Wok of Life

The familiar image of a New Year Sweet Rice Cake (红糖年糕), or nian gao, is a welcome sight during Chinese New Year.

Nian gao 年糕 symbolizes progress, advancement, and growth. Nián (年) means “year,” and “gāo” (糕) is a homonym for “gāo” (高), which means, “tall,” “high,” or “expensive.”…

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