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New Cat Items from Mino ware!

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New arrival

Adorable cat series from Mino Ceramic Ware is now available.

The 20cm (8in) plate is easy to use for daily meals, the 12cm (5in) bowl is good for ice cream and other desserts, and the Donburi is perfect for ramen and Gyudon.

Not only the surface design, but also the engraving on the back is full of Kawaii. 

The name of the series is “Neko Chigura“, which means a cat’s bed made of woven rice straw.

The price is reasonable, so please check them out!


Today’s lunch is Udon noodle with my favorite Tobe ware.

I poured noodle soup over it and added toppings of sprouts, grilled salmon, and dried plum paste.

Tobe ware is often used in udon restaurants, and it is indeed very appetizing.

I love the harmony of the thick, natural atmosphere and the sharp arabesque patterns.

Tobe ware is durable, so it’s safe for families with kids!

Haruka – Table coordinator & Designer

Mother of twins. Love simple and healthy cooking with seasonal vegetables grown nearby my house. Instagram: umeharaharu

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