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New for you! Unique and cute chopstick rests

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New arrival

I was very much looking forward to introducing this new collection today!

Ihoshiro Kiln, which produces unique Mino ware has sent us cute chopstick rests!

Shiba inu is super cute and the vegetable series  has a nice texture that makes it look delicious:)

They are great items that will fill your dining room with full of smiles!


Ihoshiro Kiln was established in 2007 in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, a city rich in nature. It is a ceramic studio that produces original chopstick rests with “feelings and hands” in mind.

At present, more than 20 artisans are making cute chopstick rests every day. They design chopstick rests, which are small pieces of ceramic, as items that make people’s hearts flutter.

Their chopstick rests convey the season feel and the spirit of hospitality and have the power to change the dining table. The wishes they put into these small chopstick rests are sure to enrich your dining experience.

Summer Recipe

Pork Shabu Shabu and Cold Somen with Sesame Miso Sauce

Easy and Tasty summer recipe from Just One Cookbook!

I am already getting hungry just looking at the title.

Old Imari and Hibino Gyro plates go well together!

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