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New from Kutani! Potters who make the most beautiful Ko-kutani

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New from Kutani

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful teapot by Mr. Tamekichi Mitsui, who is said to be one of the most beautiful contemporary artists producing Ko-kutani style works.

Mr. Tamekichi Mitsui is famous for his attention to detail, from the creation of the unglazed pottery, to the paints, to the firing temperature of the kiln, to create bright and clear decorations that look as if they are wet with water.

His work has been receiving many orders from the royal family and embassies around the world.

With a capacity of 400ml”13.5oz”, it is the perfect size for around three people to enjoy a cup of tea.

The harmony of the western shape and the traditional Ko-kutani technique is very beautiful. It can be used for both Japanese tea and black tea.

It is not an inexpensive purchase, but it is worth it when you consider that you can get the best Ko-kutani loved by many VIPs.

Of course, it will be packed and shipped with great care.

There are two designs available, Wild Strawberry and Wild Grape.

Wild Strawberry Kutani Japanese Teapot
Wild Grape Kutani Japanese Teapot


I used a matcha chawan as a dessert bowl, and the Bright Flower by Atelier Yu is so cute that it always makes me happy.

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