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Finally we can introduce this collection!

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Too Adorable Collection!

Atelier Yu, which popular for cute and heart-warming tableware, has added new mugs in the Sunny Spot collection!

About Atelier Yu

Their atelier is specialized in Kutani ware painting performed by female artisans. Artisans work every day at the foot of the sacred Hakusan mountain surrounded by sounds of breeze of singing birds.

While focusing on the traditional colors called Kutani gosai (five colors), they add the sweetness of women to our pottery, hoping to bring a smile to everyone who use it.

Atelier Yu is delighted to help bring a smile to your dining .


Ochazuke is great for when you want to eat something easy and delicious, or when you are a little hungry.

Here is a very tasty looking Salmon Ochazuke recipe from No Recipe.

“As a kid, Ochazuke was a comforting afternoon snack after a tough day of school. As a grownup, it’s a stomach-soothing midnight snack after a long night of drinking. This one is made with rinsed rice topped with salted salmon, some black sesame seeds, crumbled rice crackers, and Mitsuba, but the dish is infinitely flexible. As long as you have tea and rice, you can make it with whatever bits and bobs you have in the fridge.”


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