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New Donburi Collection!

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New Donburi Collection!

About 30 designs of Mino ware donburi bowls have been newly added!

Warm ramen, soba, katsudon, oyako-don, etc., donburi is sure to be very useful in the coming season.

They are categorized into three sizes: S, M, and L. Suitable uses for each size are listed at the top of the collection page for your reference.

The ones with lids not only prevent the food from cooling down, but also keep the steam in between serving, making the food more moist and fluffy.

A deep bowl of rice can be used for dishes with rice such as katsudon (pork cutlet bowl), soba or udon for a more authentic atmosphere.

For ramen, a bowl with a wide rim looks gorgeous. The Tobe ware bowl in the image is currently out of stock.

Here is my personal recommendation for the ramen bowls that were added this time.

The design with a lot of kanji characters on it reminds me of sushi. It might be good for a seafood bowl or soba noodle.


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