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Must-see for Sake Lovers!

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Sake Warmer from Mino ware

On a chilly day, drinking warm sake will comfortably warm your body. Also, when sake is warmed, it releases its rich aroma even better.

Today, I would like to introduce a traditional Mino ceramic sake warmer. The sake bottle in this set has a capacity of 140ml and is suitable for 1-2 people to enjoy.

How to use Sake Warmer

If you want to warm up your sake quickly, you can put the inner bottle with sake in it in the microwave.
However, the temperature will be uneven, so don’t forget to stir.

One more thing, if you use ice water instead of hot water, it’ll work just as well in the summer!

Please don’t forget to have your favorite sake cups

For hot sake, a deep cup is recommended.

Sakura and Autumn Leaves Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup
Shirochibu Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup
Twin Sparrows Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup

Kokuzou Kiln Turkish Blue Graze Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup
Seikou Kiln Chidori Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup
Kokuzou Kiln Akae Camellia Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup

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