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New Color and New Size! Old Imari Sakura Plate

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Old Imari Sakura Plate 7.5in

The popular Old Imari Sakura Plate is now available in a larger size of 7.5 inches.

In addition to the standard pink gold color, a green color has been added.

The 6-inch plate was sold out on the very first day it was introduced, and we received many pre-orders after that, so there were many people who could not get their hands on it.

The same case is expected this time as well, so if you’re interested, don’t delay!

The delicate cherry blossom pattern and gold decoration are beautiful.

The sides of the plate also have patterns painted with the “sometsuke” technique.
 It shows the attention to detail of the craftsman.

The 7.5 inch plate is perfect for use as a main plate in the traditional Japanese meal set.
In US, this size is commonly referred to as a salad plate.

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