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New Collection – HANASAKA

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We are proud to introduce you to this new collection. 

It will put a smile on your face each time using and can be a memorable gift to yourself or for someone special.

Since these products are created by hand with great care, we have only 7 of each in stock, so be sure to get yours early!

“HANASAKA” is a brand of ceramics produced by Taniguchi Seidojo, which produces Kutani ware clay.

The brand name “HANASAKA” is derived from “Hanasaka Pottery Stone” which is the raw material for Kutani ware. Currently, there are only a few mines where Hanasaka pottery stone can be quarried, and while Kutani ware is widely known, such a situation is hardly recognized.

All of their works, created by people who know the clay well, have a hidden charm that can only be realized by holding them in your hands.

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It is so delicate that light shines through it, but it has practical strength because it is made of clay that has been carefully refined by skilled craftsmen. The matte texture and the fragile yet dignified appearance give the impression of a sophisticated adult.

Thinly made sake cups are perfect for hot summer days, as the coldness of cold sake can be felt in your hands. For anniversaries and celebrations, why not use a special cup as well? It will make your special dinner table even richer.

Hanasaka Givre Kutani Round Plate M

Simple design and subtle blue color complement the vivid colors of dishes.
You can feel the skill of the skilled craftsmen in the refined shape that seems to have been stripped of unnecessary things.

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