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Chirashi Sushi ちらし寿司

by TominagaChiaki
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Once you prepare sushi rice, let’s cook the easiest sushi of all- chirashi sushi. Chirashi means scattered, so all you need to do is adding some ingredients of your choice in and on the sushi rice. Although there is no rules for the toppings, there are certain popular ingredients, such as tuna, salmon and salmon roe, egg thread, green beans, shitake mushrooms, carrots, lotus roots are widely used in Japan. With a variety of vegetables and other toppings, chirashi sushi is bright and colorful, a perfect food for a special occasion and gatherings. In Japan, there is a tradition that eating chirashi suchi for “Hinamatsuri” (girl’s festival) on the 3rd of march.

Chirashi Sushi

Cooking time : 15 minutes Servings :4-5


  • Sushi Rice … 3 cups
  • Sesami seeds …1 tablespoon
  • Shredded nori seaweed … 1/4 cup
  • Kinshi Tamago (egg thread) … 1/3 cup
  • Snow peas … About 10 pieces
  • Avocado … 1/2
  • Your choice of sashimi

How to cook

  1. When serving chirashi sushi in a bowl, serve sushi rice + shredded nori seaweed + Kinshi tamago (egg thread) + ingredients in that order. First, gently serve the prepared sushi rice, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and spread shredded nori seaweed and Kinshi tamago(egg thread) in order.

  2. Then, let’s try topping the prepared ingredients well balanced and colorful. First, arrange the green vegetables such as snow peas and avocado in a scattered manner.

  3. Next, arrange your choice of sashimi such as tuna and salmon. For salmon roe, scoop out an appropriate amount with a spoon, find a place that does not collapse, and serve it in several places.

  4. The arrangement in which the ingredients are evenly placed is the key that makes it looks delicious even as you continue to eat.

  5. Enjoy your home-made chirashi sushi. Bon Appétit!!


  • Although we didn’t mix anything with the sushi rice this time, Japanese often put ingredients such as boiled and seasoned vegetables, sliced cucumbers, Japanese ginger, and Shiso(perilla). To cook it simple, you can use chirashi sushi mix as well. It contains of boiled and seasoned vegetables with soy sauce, mirin(sweet sake), vinegar etc. You just need to mix it with cooked rice instead of sushi rice as it already has vinegar in it.
  • You can also cook chirashi mix by your own.

Chirashi Sushi Mix

Conditioning time : 15 minutes Servings :4-5


  • Dried shiitake muchrooms … 5 pieces
  • Carrot … 1/2
  • Small lotus root … 1
  • Abura-age(deep-fried bean curd) …1
  • Dashi soup … 1 cup
  • Soy sauce … 3 tbsp
  • Sugar … 1/2 tbsp
  • mirin(sweet sake) … 1/2 tbsp

How to Cook

  1. Soak dried shiitake mushroom into 4 tbsp of water then slice it finely. Cut carrot and Abura-age into fine strips. Cut small lotus root into thin quarter slices then soak them into vinegar added water for 10 minutes.
  2. Put everything including water that soaked with shiitake mushrooms into a pot and boil it until no liquid remains.
  3. When cooled down, it is ready to mix into sushi rice!


Here are the perfect plates for chirashi suhi

RINKA Usuki Bowl L

RYOUKA Usuki Bowl

Ichikawa Wood Craft Flower Shaped Wooden medium Tray

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