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Coffee Time on a Sunny Day

by Sayuri
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Do you drink coffee every day?
There are many people who drink a cup of coffee in the morning, at work, or during snack time when they want to take a break.

Although it is nice to drink coffee at cafes and restaurants, have you ever thought of making your coffee time at home more special? Coffee tastes and smells different depending on the beans you choose, how they are roasted, how they are ground, and how they are brewed.

I would also recommend that you choose your favorite coffee cup. A cup that makes you happy just by having it near you will always be your best partner.

Make plans for the weekend or read a book while the fragrant aroma of coffee fills the room. Your coffee time at home can be your own special moment.

Contained items

This elegant coffee cup set is completely adorned by beautiful flowers delicately outlined in gold. A skilled craftsman finishes each piece by hand to create a truly unique pattern; there are no two alike.

Hanazume Kutani Mug Pair – D9.1cm(3.6in) H9.5cm(3.7in)

The plate from “Givre series” have a transparent look as if made of thin ice. Each plate is finished by scraping the clay with a potter’s wheel. You can feel the skill of the skilled craftsmen in the refined shape that seems to have been stripped of unnecessary things. It is the perfect size for serving desserts and fruits.

Hanasaka Givre Kutani Sauce Plate

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