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Best item for Chilling out with a cold sake

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Best Sake Glass for chilling out

Today I’d like to introduce you to my latest favorite item as a sake lover.

In the summer, sake chilled in the refrigerator tastes exceptionally good. When I drink cold sake, I personally prefer a cup with a thinner surface such as glass and Hanasaka series.

Lowering the temperature of sake makes it harder to perceive the aroma and taste, but I feel that using a thinner cup allows me to feel the delicate flavors of sake while keeping it cold.

My recent favorite is the Mizore Kutani Craft Sake GlassThe harmony of the frosted glass with its cool impression and the traditional decoration with lots of gold is wonderful.

I use it when I invite friends to my house, and they seem to be very pleased with it. This item comes in a wooden box, which makes it a special gift, so I gave it to that friend for his birthday.

How about adding this to your collection that you can cherish and use for a long time?

Moto. Fusada – Founder & CEO

Father of a 4 year old daughter. Interests are visiting potters, sake, and camping.

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