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Modern Sushi Set with Ash Graze Mino Plate

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Modern Sushi Set with Ash Graze Mino Plate

The main plate used in this sushi set is a simple rectangular plate that is coated with a glaze mixed with ashes made from burning wood to give it a natural look and feel.

A soy sauce plate in the same color as the main plate, chopsticks and soup bowls in black are combined to create a wabi-sabi yet modern look.

The Mino ware main plate with 12 inch can hold about 6 pieces of sushi for a nice look.

If 6 pieces don’t fill you up, you can use the center plate to place sushi rolls and side dishes in a style that both looks good and provides enough portion.

The Hasami ware soy sauce plate, which is the same color as the main plate and has a slight metallic sheen to it, gives this set a luxurious feel.

This Yamanaka lacquerware soup bowl has black lacquer on top of red lacquer. In its new condition, a little bit of red lacquer is showing through.

As the bowl is used more and more, the black lacquer on the surface is scraped off slightly, and the red color becomes more prominent. The more you use it, the deeper the texture becomes.

The center plate is a long plate with a subdued color that gives a sense of wabi-sabi. It would be nice to put rolled sushi on it.

This plate, on which wasabi is placed, is also good for placing sashimi and other dishes. Match the colors of the center plate to create a sense of unity.



Gari or pickled sushi ginger is a refreshing palate cleanser that’s most frequently served alongside sushi. In this recipe, I will show you everything you need to know to make this delicious sushi condiment at home.

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