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Casual Sushi Set with Kuvio Wave Hasami Plate

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Casual Sushi Set with Kuvio Wave Hasami Plate

Today we’d like to introduce you a reasonable and casual sushi set with a bright main plate with a nice traditional pattern. Perfect for those who want to enjoy sushi in a casual atmosphere.

Hasami Kuvio plates are also used in sushi restaurants. The design reminiscent of the sea wave go well with the colorful sushi.

This cute gourd motif soy sauce plate is made by the very popular Kutani Soukyu Kiln. The white and blue colors match the main plate.

Yamanaka lacquerware soup bowls with a cherry blossom motif will develop a deep atmosphere through continued use.

The blue and white tones of the Tobe ware go well with this sushi set.

Each of the items included in this set can be used for dishes other than sushi, so you can expand your enjoyment by having them!


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