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New for you – Best High Plates for Sashimi and Tempura

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Best items for Sashimi and Tempura

When thinking about table settings, combining high plate creates a three-dimensional expanse that looks more beautiful.

This uniquely shaped plate, which looks like a rock cut out of the ground, is an item that can help you create just such a table arrangement.

The surface has a rough texture and the playtop is slightly indented towards the center. The inside is hollow, so it is lighter than it looks.

It could be used to place appetizers other than sashimi or tempura.

This is a high plate decorated with the “Ginsai” technique. It will give your space an authentic and luxurious feel.

It’s also nice to know that both of the two items I mentioned are restaurant grade and dishwasher safe.

About Hibino Ceramic

HIBINO is committed to supplying commercial tableware in a prompt and continuous manner to meet the needs of their customers.
They also take a multifaceted view of the latest pottery markets and trends, and aim to improve customer satisfaction by responding appropriately to their customers needs.
They believe that their mission is to transmit traditional Japanese pottery and ware to the world. They will always do their best to pursue the creation of vessels that complement our cuisine, and continue to challenge ourselves to improve their sensibility.

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