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How do you enjoy Japanese tableware?

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When I was rearranging the shelves, I found a plate with a nice rim design, so I tried to use it for my lunch.

The yellow and blue colors are vibrant, and the petal-like wavy pattern is very beautiful.

I chose a blue deep dish for dessert to match the point color of the plate. The chopstick rests match the yellow color, and the rest of the dishes are white or earth colors to make them more harmonious.

The meals were leftovers from the previous night, but they turned out to be quite gorgeous!

Sometimes I get requests from people who want plates but don’t know how to make Japanese dishes. In such cases, I always recommend the Just One Cookbook.

Since it is a very famous site, many of you may have heard of it. There are so many recipes on this site that I think it covers almost all Japanese food recipes.

I even found the recipe for my lunch here!

From next time, I’ll try to include links to the recipes when I show you the table settings!

Gluten Free Karaage

Instant Pot Nishime



I highly recommend signing up for JOC’s newsletter, which will teach you some very useful Japanese food basics, including how to make the perfect soup stock”Dashi”!

I look forward to seeing your cooking experiences on SNS!

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