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New for you! Summer Items Vol. 2

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Here comes the “P.S. Blue Tobe Ware” series, with its beautiful vivid blue color from Higashi Kiln.

The gold dots attached to the center of the flower is too cute!!

The size of Tobe ware is a little larger, so it is easy to use on a daily basis.

It would also be a good gift for those who are entering a school or moving to a new place!

About Higashi Kiln

Higashi kiln’s style is famous for the glass-like smoothness and the usage of the soft and pastel colors like watercolor paintings, which is not bound by conventional frameworks of Tobe ware.

The painting is performed by female artist, Alyne Ohigashi, who was born in Philippines and now work as a painter of the kiln in which her husband is also work as a Tobe ware craftsman.

“A colorful and cute Tobe ware is fun and above all happy, isn’t it? I want to coexist and flourish the traditional style of Tobe ware and the modern painting style”.

She was created her own painting technique and has been continuing her ideal pottery-making for about 40 years.

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