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New for you! The perfect item for summer

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In our Tokyo, the weather is completely summer-like. I always keep a pot of cold green tea in the refrigerator in my house, and it really tastes good drinking it on such a hot day:)

Today, I would like to introduce you to bamboo baskets, a versatile item that can create a cool and stylish space for such summer.

There are many inferior bamboo baskets that break or fray easily, so we have chosen ones that you can use for a long time with peace of mind!

Bamboo baskets are not uncommon in Japanese households, but they have a variety of uses other than creating a special atmosphere at the dinner table.

It can also be used to store frequently used tea sets and napkins in a stylish way, and since it is well ventilated, it can be used to store fruits and other items that will last a long time.

The bamboo baskets introduced here have a thick bamboo reinforcement at the bottom, so you can safely put heavy items in them.

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