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Genuine Sushi Set with Ceramic Plate Like Wood

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Genuine Sushi Set with Ceramic Plate Like Wood

The Mino ware main plate looks like a real wooden board, but it is made of pottery. Easy to handle and long-lasting.

The matte texture and uneven grain of the wood give it a natural look and feel. The same goes for Yamanaka lacquer chopsticks in black. Kutani soy sauce dish and chopstick rest add a vibrant color to the table setting.  

Despite this high quality combination used in top restaurants, the total cost of the main plate, soy sauce plate, soup bowl, chopsticks and chopstick rest is only $125, which is an excellent value.

When combined with a rice bowl, they can be used in a traditional Japanese set meal style.

The Mino ware main plate with 12 inch can hold about 6 pieces of sushi for a nice look.

If 6 pieces don’t fill you up, you can use the center plate to place sushi rolls and side dishes in a style that both looks good and provides enough portion.

You can create a whole different impression by choosing a red color for both the main plate and chopsticks. It brings more casual and bright atmosphere.

The Kutani soy sauce plate uses the same Kutani five colors as the chopstick rest. Incorporating Kutani ware is a great way to accent a table setting without making it look too chic or dark.

Serving delicious sake in a beautiful sake set is a great way to get closer to an authentic sushi restaurant experience.

The color of the Ko-kutani sake set matches the color of the soy sauce dish, which is beautiful.


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Hibino Ash Graze Mino Ware Long Rectangle Plate 13.2in

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