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Look items that professionals frequently purchase

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:ピカピカ::フォンデュ:Professional’s Selection:目玉焼き::ピカピカ:

Now we have a new collection with items frequently selected by cooking professionals such as cooking experts or Michelin starred restaurant chefs.

You may find MUSUBI KILN products at your favorite cookbook author’s website or in your local Japanese restaurants.

We hope you will enjoy a special dining experience at home with these durable and sophisticated tablewares.

Pick up recipe

Do you know Gomadare(Sesame sauce)? It is a very fragrant and magical dressing that can be used for many things such as shabu-shabu, sashimi, salads and noodles. Sesame is also very nutritious, so it’s good for your health.

Above is a recipe by Mr. Mark Matsumoto who has a background as a professional chef, and now introduces a variety of recipes as home cooking on his website named “No Recipe”.

Some of plates and bowls pictured in this post are products of MUSUBI KILN.

Please tap the link to enjoy watching tasty recipes and beautiful tablewares!

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