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Which Matcha Style do you prefer?

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Most people identify tea-drinking as a source of good health, but drinking matcha is not the only way to enjoy it.

However, the enjoyment of matcha is not only in drinking it, but also in savoring the process of making the tea and the space coordination including the matcha bowl.

Today I would like to introduce a style using two popular matcha bowls.

This is a style using the cute sparrow matcha bowls by popular ceramic artist Mr. Toushihito Nakamura. They sell out quickly every time they come in, but we currently have four in stock.

Contained Items

The following is a style using the long-selling Atelier Yu matcha bowls. The contrast between the pink of the bowl and the green of the matcha is beautiful. This bowl is reasonably priced, so they are perfect for beginners.

Contained Items

Atelier Yu Brilliant Flower Kutani Matcha Bowl
Ichikawa Wood Craft Flower Shaped Wooden Small Tray

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