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New Collection – Souraku-an Blue Peony Sake set

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These Sake equipments are created by Mr Tsuyoshi Sato, a famous Kutani ware potter. A large bowl with the same design as this sake cup is on display at a main station in Ishikawa Prefecture.

This set includes a bottle of sake and two cups. The bold blue peonies and the single point of pure gold create a refreshing and elegant look.

Quantities are limited, so don’t miss out!

Souraku-An Blue Peony Sake Set
Souraku-An Blue Peony Cylindrical Sake Set

About Souraku-an

Souraku-an is a pottery company headed by Tsuyoshi Sato, who is a traditional Kutani ware craftsman, and consists of creative and ambitious young craftsmen.It was founded in 2013. The founder of Souraku-an, Ms. Sato, is a ceramic artist who learned Kutani ware technique and also mastered the ink painting technique to create his own unique works.

They value the classical aesthetics of traditional Kutani ware and strive to make the most of the intrinsic charm of materials such as clay and paint. 
Each item is individually formed and fired on a potter’s wheel, then carefully painted with a brush using the traditional five colors of Kutani ware, and fired again in a kiln. With the aesthetic sense that has been handed down from generation to generation in Kutani ware, they strive to make the most of the intrinsic charm of clay, glaze, and paint.

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