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Section groupings make table settings easier!

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When you find a beautiful table setting, you may want to achieve it at your dining, but at the same time you feel it is too complicated.

It’s hard to recognize when looking at a unified dining table, but the tabletop can actually be divided into sections.

Today, I’d like to introduce the sectioning method that MUSUBI KILN stylists use as the basis for their ideas.

Especially in winter, serving freshly cooked food in an Donabe Japanese clay pot or a sake warmer will naturally bring smiles to the faces of those gathered.

It is also a good idea to use chopstick rests with a different design for each, that will be a good starter for a conversation.

<Useful Items For Public Space>

Rectangle Plates


Japanese Tea Items

Sake Set

Flower Vase

Bamboo Basket and Bento Box

<Useful Items for Private Space>


Chopstick Rest

Rice Bowl

Soup Bowl

Sauce Plate


This is a collection of hot pot recipes by JOC that are more delicious this time of year!

Enjoy healthy and comforting Japanese hot pots, soups and stews at home with these popular cold-weather recipes. They are easy to put together and perfect for weeknight dinners. 

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