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New for you! Next Generation Japanese Clay Pot

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The best season to enjoy Donabe has arrived!

Donabe “Japanese Clay pot” are used in Japanese restaurants that serve authentic hot pot dishes such as Chanko-nabe, Kimuchi-nabe and Oden. Do you know why?

This is simply because using a Donabe is the best way to make your food tasty.

Cooking professionals knew this from their senses, but it is also known scientifically that cooking with a Donabe can produce 30% more glutamic acid, one of the ingredients that humans find delicious, compared to using metal pots.

What is Kikka Donabe?

Kikka Donabe is the realization of the wishes of people who cook, as Ginpo has been making clay pots loved by many cooks for many years.

While earthenware pots make food tasty, there was an unchangeable common sense that they were troublesome to clean and handle. But now, thanks to Ginpo’s technology, these problems have become avoidable.


Have a warm party on a cold day with GINPO’s clay pots! The time when everyone eats the same dish cooked in the clay pot will surely be a special time with lively conversation.

This time I made a hot pot in which a polar bear made of grated Daikon radish peek out.

When you bring a freshly prepared hot pot dish to the table, it naturally brings a smile to everyone’s face.

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