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New Style for you – Shokado Bento Box

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In Japan, there is a custom of bringing a box containing meals, called a “Bento box”, to work, school, picnics, and other places.

These days, we cannot actively go out due to infectious diseases, but how about packing your favorite side dishes in a bento box and eating your lunch at home or in the backyard?

By using a unique bamboo bento box and small plates used daily in Japanese meals, you may be able to feel the Japanese culture even more.

This bento box has dividers, so you can enjoy placing various small bowls and plates on it. It can also be used to serve food directly, giving it a gorgeous and sophisticated impression.

If you are bored with the usual lunches and dinners, why not surprise your family and friends with this bento and small plates? It is also perfect for Japanese style hospitality parties.

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