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Back in Stock – Hokusai Japanese Teacup

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Hello! This is Moto, in charge of purchasing.

After being out of stock for about two months, the Hokusai designed Japanese teacup is now in stock!

This product is so popular that I guess it doesn’t need a detailed explanation, but let me tell you one thing.

There are many Hokusai motif teacups, but this one has a completely different level of texture.

What is different is the sense of dynamism conveyed by the painting. Many Hokusai motif works are made by printing stickers, but this is a hand-drawn work made with traditional Kutani Japanese paints. 

The real Japanese paints have the property of solidifying into a three-dimensional glassy substance, which gives the painting a dynamic finish that seems to come to life.

I have seen probably more than 100 Hokusai motif products, and I can recommend this one with confidence!

The image below was posted on Instagram by @misshanooo. It has a very nice exotic atmosphere:)

Hokusai Japanese Teacup at Instagram

New Arrival

We have also added a new furoshiki with Hokusai designs. More designs will be added in the next few days, so stay tuned!

  • Hokusai Fuji Furoshiki
  • Hokusai Fuji Furoshiki
  • Hokusai Fuji Furoshiki

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