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New Arrival! Ihoshiro Kiln Mino Ware Cutlery Rest

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Ihoshiro Kiln Mino Ware Cutlery Rest

These cutlery rest feature traditional Japanese patterns. The size is perfect for place a set of fork and knife on, can also be used to place chopsticks.

It was supposed to be introduced a month ago, but due to its great popularity in Japan, it took a while to arrive.

It is recommended to use from daily use to celebrations, as well as a gift.

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The motif of this vase is based on the masterpiece “Red and White Plum Blossoms” by Mr. Korin Ogata, one of the most famous Japanese painters of the mid-Edo period.

The background is omitted, with red plum blossoms on the right and white plum blossoms on the left, and a close-up of running water between the plum trees.

This painting has been viewed in many different ways. Some say that the plum blossoms on the left and right are men fighting over the flowing water that represents women, that the red plum blossoms represent youth and the white plum blossoms represent old age, and that the flowing water represents the passage of time.

The actual truth is unknown, but the fact that it evokes such images and metaphors is due to the fact that it is an incomparable masterpiece. It is also a proof of how many people’s hearts have been captured by this painting.

Musubi’s lineup includes many works based on Japanese paintings and ukiyoe.
Please enjoy the unique and beautiful designs of Japanese masters in your own home!

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