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Check Out New Bowl from Hasami Neco Cat Series!

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Neco Hasami Cat Bowl Set

A bowl set has been added to the Hasami Neco Cat series, which we deliver to many people every month!

With a diameter of 13 cm, it is easy to use as a serving dish or to place side dishes.

As with the plate, it comes in a cute wooden box and costs less than $50! It can be a great gift for cat lovers.

Plates are here. We still have some left in stock from our recent shipment!

Staff’s Personal Recommend

Hi this is Chia!

Today I’ d like to share my favorite item.

At At my home, Hibino Ice Mino Ware Round Plate 6.7in is often used and my favorite! It has a beautiful blue pattern and complements the simplest dish even more appealing.

Since it has just the right depth, “Otsumami”(nibbles for drinks) such as nuts or dry fruits fit well. For the picture, I put a couple of “Karaage” (Japanese fried chicken) for one person.

It’s a standard dish, but this beautiful plate brings a restaurant-like atmosphere!

Chia – Contents writer

Mom of 2 kids. Love cooking and reading books. Instagram: chia_Japanesefood

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