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Very cool. Wabi-Sabi Japanese Teapot from Mino ware

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New from Mino ware

Hibino, a kiln that offers modern, restaurant-grade tableware, has sent us this really cool Japanese teapot.

The sophisticated shape and the wabi-sabi feel of the texture are in perfect harmony.

Capacity is 400ml(8oz) which is perfect for 2-4 persons.

This item will make the coming fall and winter even more wonderful.

Please tap images to see more detail.

As always, details are beautiful.

The connection of the handle is made of wire that can be bent by hand and is removable. Be careful not to bend it too often or it will break.

The tea strainer is a Sasame type that is installed inside the teapot.

The tea leaves circulate easily in the teapot, which enhances the aroma of the tea.

Also available in brown-red. The surface of this one is more glossy and adds a gorgeous impression.

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