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The way to enjoy Furoshiki

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I believe most of you reading this will have a furoshiki that you received from us.
Today, I would like to introduce you to some ways to enjoy this furoshiki.

*Tap the image to see a video explaining how to tie the knot!

Furoshiki as a bag

With a simple knotting technique, you can transform a furoshiki into a stylish and cute bag.

Furoshiki as wrapping

Typical way of gift wrapping

This is a basic wrapping of gifts. Unlike disposable wrapping paper, the receiver of the gift could enjoy using the beautiful furoshiki as long as it lasts.

Flower wrapping

This is more elaborate way of wrapping gifts. By attaching some ornaments to the knot, it becomes more personal and creative.

Wine Bottle Wrapping

Bottle of wine or sake is a perfect gift for visiting your family and friends. To make it more chic and attractive, wrap it in furoshiki to present an expression of gratitude.

Furoshiki as Tapestry

Furoshiki can also be used as a decorative tapestry to accentuate your interior design. This is typically done by handing a furoshiki from a hanging rod, which will then be hung in an area of your home or apartment.

There are still many ways to use furoshiki. I will be introducing them separately, so please look forward to them.
Also, during July, we will be adding a variety of furoshiki designs to our lineup! I have also seen the actual products, and they are all wonderful. There’s also a larger size that’s easy to use as a bag, so look forward to that too!

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