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Reusable Chopsticks for Kids!

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Reusable Chopsticks for Kids

It is important to choose safe tableware that will actually come in contact with your mouth. This is especially true if it is for children.

These Wakasa lacquer chopsticks are made of 100% natural lacquer and wood. They look cute and adorable, and high-quality which are perfect for children.

In addition to these, we also have chopsticks that support the correct way to hold chopsticks, and chopsticks made of bamboo, which is native to Japan!

Ishida Kinza Smile Rabbit Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 18cm/7.1in
Ishida Kinza Star of Hope Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 18cm/7.1in
Ishida Kinza Smile Cat Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 18cm/7.1in
Yamachiku Kizuna Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks 18cm/7.1in
Yamachiku Okaeri Clear Lacquered Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks 16cm/6.3in – 23cm/9in
Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Wakasa Lacquer Reusable Chopsticks Blue 15cm/5.9in – 22.5cm/8.9in

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