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New Sakazuki Sake Cups and more

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Jidai Kutani Sakazuki Sake Cup Set of 5 with Wooden Box

Please imagine this.

Take a bottle of sake that has been chilled moderately in the refrigerator and place it on the table.

Then you take out a wooden box and open the lid in front of your guests. Your guests smile in surprise and choose their favorite sakazuki. Enjoying good sake in a fine atmosphere.

Sometimes the key to making someone happy is attention to detail. We have added a new handmade sakazuki set that provides such a wonderful sake time.

More Sake Cups

Yoshidaya Peony Kutani Sakazuki Sake Cup
Red Phoenix Kutani Sakazuki Flat Sake Cup
Kinrande Sakura Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup
Kokuzou Kiln Turkish Blue Graze Kutani Guinomi Sake Cup
Hibino Crystal Glaze Mino Ware Ochoko Sake Cup
Hanasaka Blanc En Kutani Ochoko Sake Cup
Kinzan Kiln Red Shugu Kutani Sakazuki Flat Sake Cup
Gatomikio TOHKA SOEN Yamanaka Lacquer Ochoko Sake Cup

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