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New program! Bring happiness to users, craftsman, and society

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A new program that brings happiness to users, craftsmen, and society

MUSUBI KILN products are handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen, and have a unique texture and narrative that cannot be found in mass-produced products.

However, due to limited production capacity and high demand, many of MUSUBI KILN’s products are in short supply.

Therefore, we accept pre-orders for products that can be expected to ship within approximately two months.

And now we have decided to give back to the customers who choose to wait for their products to arrive.

Happiness for you

Pre-order items are always 5% off
Please don’t forget to take your advantage when you see the following notification at product page!

Pre order is the fastest way to get the item you were meant to have.

Three social contributions you make through pre-order

Thanks to your support…

“Craftsmen will be able to concentrate on creating wonderful works of art.”

Thanks to your support…

“Wastefulness in production and distribution will be reduced, bringing us closer to realizing a sustainable society.”

Thanks to your support…

“Production planning will be more accurate, and more people will be able to get their hands on Japanese tableware sooner.”

Memorable Gift Selection

On the other hand, it should be difficult to wait long to shop for gift purposes.

If that’s the case, take a look at our gift guide for all the products we have in stock!

New Arrivals

Pink Circle Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 39in

Blue Square Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 39in

Red Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 28in

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