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New for you! The most beautiful Tokusa design

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There might be no other Tokusa design that brings so much elegance to the table

There are many Japanese tableware that incorporate the design of “Tokusa”, which consists of simple vertical lines.

I have also seen many Tokusa designs in my travels around Japan. However, I still can’t forget how impressed I was when I saw the rice bowl made by Fukuhou Kiln.

The combination of the thin porcelain body and the tense lines written with a special brush is simple, yet dignified. The gentle waves on the surface of the body, reminiscent of ripples on the surface of the water, further accentuate the beauty of the piece.

The three size variations and the reasonable price are also attractive. Please take a look at the beautiful photos and more stories on the website.

Moto. Fusada – Founder & CEO

Father of a 4 year old daughter. Interests are visiting potters, sake, and camping.

Other Pick up from Fukuhou Kiln

The Teapot and Large Teacup are perfect for the upcoming season when you want to keep a hot beverage on your desk.

I noticed something when I was using the Large Teacup.
The indentation on the top is the part that is relatively less hot when pouring hot tea, and since many people hold it here, the indentation makes it easier to hold.

Now I like it even more because it is not only beautiful but also functional!

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Japanese Teapot

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Large Japanese Teacup

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Teacup with lid

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Sake Carafe

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Teacup

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Sake Cup

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Chawanmushi Bowl

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