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New for you! – Seigado Sake Warmer, Carafe and Cups.

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Seigado Metalwork

The design is simple, yet somehow appealing and functional.

Seigado’s products have a charm that naturally makes people want to cherish and use them for a long time.

Actually, some of their products have been used for over 40 years in Japanese restaurants in Tokyo.

The unevenness on the surface of the sake cup is formed by craftsmen beating it with a hammer thousands or tens of thousands of times.

Now we have 5 units for each item.

As the number of production is limited, the next supply will probably come in spring or summer.

What is Seigado?

Seigado has a workshop at the foot of Mt. Yahiko in Niigata Prefecture, where high quality copper was discovered about 300 years ago and “Tsuiki”, the technique of hammering copperware has developed since then.

“Tsuiki” is a metalworking technique that is derived from the words ‘hammer’ and ‘raise’, so this process literally means hammering and embossing copperware products.
The traces of the hammering, the process of making are left as beautiful patterns on the products.

There’s a saying in Japan that things improve with good use, and Seigado’s products have a charm that naturally makes us want to take good care of them.

Featured Item

Indigo Blue Copper Sake Warmer

This is a sake warmer that makes good sake even more delicious.

Just put Tokkuri or Sake carafe in this sake warmer filled with hot water to warm it up. It is also suitable for filling with ice water and enjoying cold sake.

The copper plate is hammered…

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