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New for you! Kutani Traditional Ochoko Sake Cups

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Kutani Ochoko Sake Cups

Fourteen new designs have been added to the Seikou Kutani Ochoko Sake Cup, which has been a long seller since MUSUBI KILN was established.

This product is popular for its unique texture of Japanese paints and reasonable price.

Having a variety of designs is a fun way to add color to your table!

Table Setting Idea #42

Relaxing Time With Freshly Prepared Oden And Japanese Sake

Place a freshly prepared Oden in the center of the table for a special time for the two to relax. 


I never thought of this.
This is a snack recipe using furikake, a new addition to the JOC.
It looks just right for a snack when you are enjoying a drink!

Furikake Chex Mix

Make this Hawaiian favorite—Furikake Chex Mix—for a holiday gift exchange, movie/game night, or potluck. 

It’s such a fun irresistible snack that will keep everyone munching!

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