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New Collection – USUKI WARE

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Usuki ware was born in the Kyushu area (South part of Japan) about 200 years ago, however suddenly disappeared after only about 10 years.

After a long time, the process was unraveled through a lot of trial and error by local potters, and was revived in 2015.

The traditional design of the chrysanthemum motif is often used in kappo cuisine. The white color and sophisticated shape complement the food and add elegance to the dining table.

Due to its popularity, Usuki ware has been difficult to obtain. But luckily, we were able to secure a stock of 10 pieces of each design!

Please don’t miss out this opportunity!

Pickup Items

RINKA Twelve Petals Usuki Round Plate 11.4in
RYOUKA Lotus Petal Usuki Round Plate
RYOUKA Usuki Bowl
RINKA Usuki Bowl L

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