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New Collection – Koishiwara ware

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Koishiwara ware has a history of about 350 years, and is pottery made in the Koishiwara area of Azuma Village, Asakura County, Fukuoka Prefecture.

It has a simple, chunky clay texture and is easy to use from a practical standpoint. Lately, it has been gaining popularity for its well-designed white vessels and modern patterns.

Since Koishiwara ware is made by traditional climbing kiln using wood as fuel, they have a unique texture that cannot be produced by industrial products.

In this region, people hang shimenawa (sacred straw ropes) in the kiln because they believe that the gods reside in the kiln. It is said that no matter how much the craftsmen improve their skills, they cannot predict how the pottery will turn out. Isn’t that also the charm of pottery?

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