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New Authentic Japanese Table Setting Idea

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Table Setting #29

Autumnal Colored Lunch Set

A Japanese-style set menu meal in deep, autumnal colors. The color of the tray and chopsticks is a deep red, and the main dish is a brightly colored old Imari.

This is the perfect table setting for enjoying the taste of Autumn.

The main plate is the Rinkuro Kiln Old Imari Red Sansui Plate. The vivid colors of red, blue, and green make any dish look gorgeous.
It is perfect not only as a main dish, but also as a side dish, serving dish, or dessert.

To match the shape of the main plate, the small plate used is also in a chrysanthemum shape.
This is a sauce plate, but it can also be used as a small plate for side dishes.

The chopstick rest is the Ihoshiro Kiln Leaves Series Mino Ware Chopstick Rest.
I chose the one in the shape of autumn leaves. The color is red to match the color of the plate.
By matching the colors of the tray and chopsticks, you can create a sense of unity.

Offline Store Info

Maruichi Japanese Food & Deli Brookline MA (USA), which is famous for its fresh and wide variety of Japanese food products, now has a section that carries MUSUBI KILN tableware.

Kutani ware, chopsticks, lacquer spoons, etc. are available. If you are in the area, please visit.

There are lots of sashimi, wagyu beef, Japanese snacks, etc. Even if you just look around the store, it is fun!

More Store Info: https://www.facebook.com/maruichibrookline

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