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New Arrivals – HIBINO Crystal Graze Sake Series

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Seductive and instantly capture the eye…
Decorate your table with these products that bring a touch of floating galaxies, rare gemstones, or flowers.

What is crystal glaze?

Crystal glaze is a glaze in which the ingredients in the glaze become large crystals during the main firing process.
During the firing process, the ingredients in the glaze turn into crystals and create this sparkling pattern.
It may seem simple just reading it, but it requires a certain technique to achieve this sparkling crystal.

How to create?

One of the keys to create beautiful crystals is the firing method.
Many ceramics undergo a natural cooling process after being raised to the maximum temperature, however in the case of crystal glaze, the temperature is lowered by about 100 degrees from the maximum and let rest for few hours. During this time, the melted glazes will form into crystals.
This maximum temperature and duration of rest process may vary depending on artisan. Also, each artisan has its own method of blending the glaze.

Even though it needs careful attention and effort, crystal glaze has its own charm. Many artisans are exploring the potential of this glaze technique.

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Hibino Crystal Graze Mino Sake Carafe
Hibino Crystal Graze Mino Flat Sake Cup
Hibino Crystal Graze Mino Sake Cup

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