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New Arrival – Tobe gorgeous & large capacity Japanese teapot

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New arrival

A large 900ml(30oz) teapot is newly added from Tobe ware.

It is perfect for 8 people if you use a regular size teacup, or 6 people if you use a mug.

One of the features of this teapot is the tea strainer.

Generally, there are two types of tea strainers: one is a removable stainless steel strainer and the other is directly attached to the inside of the strainer (Sasame).

This teapot is Sasame type. The ”Sasame” strainer allows the tea leaves to jump inside the teapot, resulting in a more flavorful tea. Sasame strainer is popular among the people who loves high-grade tea.

And what can I say, the form is so beautiful.

It is not too overwhelming, but the powerfully drawn blue arabesque pattern turns the table into a high-quality space.

Coming Soon…

The mugs, whose production is shown on our SNS, will be available for sale soon.
We hope to release them in the first half of September, so stay tuned!

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