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More Shipping Option! More Reasonable Rate!

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We have made significant improvements to our shipping rates!

In all regions, Discounted shipping is available for purchases of US$53 or more, and FREE shipping is available for purchases of US$273 or more!

Also, in some part of North America, Asia and Europe, we offer a discounted “Air Mail Packet” (around US$10-13) for purchases of US$53 or less.

This is a good option for those who want to make a reasonable purchase even if it takes longer for delivery.

*Increasing demand for online shopping has led to congestion in shipping centers around the world. In our experience, DHL remains the fastest and most reliable option.

Staff Diary

Hello there:) Last week, I baked whole wheat bread and made open sandwiches.

Whole wheat bread, which I have been baking frequently lately, is convenient to cut into thin slices and stock in the freezer. Just put it in the microwave and it will taste as good as freshly baked.

It is very tasty just topped with coleslaw and prosciutto!

The plate designed by Ms. Chie Sakurai is based on the motif of light spilling through the leaves, and it goes well with a table near a window that gets a lot of sunlight.

Using favorite tableware can make even a simple meal feel special!

HARUKA |@umeharaharu

Mother of twins. A designer. 
Hobbies: Hand crafting and Classical Ballet. 
Love simple and healthy cooking with seasonal vegetables grown nearby my house.

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