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Japanese Basic Tableware Set

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Even if you want to achieve the authentic Japanese table setting at home, it can be difficult to choose tableware from the more than 1,000 products in our store.

Today, we introduce you to 7 items as “Japanese Basic Tableware Set” that enables anyone to easily create a stylish Japanese dining experience at home.

These seven items have been carefully selected from all over Japan. It includes Mino ware, Hasami ware, Onta ware, Usuki ware, and Yamanaka Lacquerware.

Combining these various type of tableware and enjoying their harmony is an ancient Japanese tradition.

Three Features of this item set

1.Can be used in a variety of Japanese style table settings

Whether you are inviting guests to your home or just want to have a quick meal, the combination of these item sets can be suitable for a variety of situations.

In fact, the table settings shown in this email are all made up of selected 7 items.

2. Designed to fit into any meal

The dishes in this item set are unique, but not too assertive.

When we selected these items, we intended for it to fit any kind of Japanese cuisine, and when you want to create your own world on the table, you can do it by simply adding your favorite things using this set as a base.

3. Each dish has a wonderful story to tell

Each of 7 items have deep stories such as history, artisan philosophy, etc., as described on each product page.

When you entertain guests with these dishes, they will first be impressed by the visual design. And if you then share the wonderful stories behind the tablewares, it could be a memorable day for them.


We selected these 7 items + 2 trays by thinking about how to make it easier for people to enjoy Japanese style table setting.

Of course, we think it is also a great idea to change some of the items in this set to your own favorites or to combine them with the ones you already have!

If you have any concerns, comments, or requests regarding Japanese tableware, feel free to contact us!

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