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How to Make Your Gift Memorable

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The time spent choosing a gift while thinking about the recipient can be both fun and not so easy.

Here are four tips to help you choose a gift that will convey your feelings and leave a special impression.

4 Tips to Choose a Memorable Gift

1.Something meaningful with full of stories behind it

When you send a gift, try to convey your feelings with the recipient. Tell them what you like about the tableware and its atmosphere.

If you can share with the recipient the history, traditions, and craftsmanship of the tableware, you will give both you and your loved ones an experience that goes beyond its functional value.

2.Something only available at specific places

Something that can only be found in a specific place will give the recipient the impression that you specially choose it for them, and convey your affection.

3.Something that matches the recipient’s interest

Selecting a theme or motif that the recipient is interested in, such as sake, matcha, or cats, will increase the chances of being appreciated.

Also, sake cups and matcha bowls are great gifts because they come in many variations and are fun to collect.

4.Something for everyday with a little twist

Everyday items such as mugs and plates are great gifts to receive because you don’t often have the chance to replace them. Whenever the recipients see the item, they will think of you and feel happy.

Find a Memorable Gift

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