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Temaki sushi (hand-rolled sushi) 手巻き寿司

by TominagaChiaki
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Temaki sushi is often made at home in Japan just like chirashi sushi. As long as you prepare sushi rice and ingredients, anyone can DIY according to their taste, which makes it a fairly popular party food. As a host and cook, I am happy to make it because it’s easy and simple and still looks gorgeous. The colorful ingredients are tasty and joyful, and just having a sushi tub on the dining table makes enough “wow” factor for the guests. For children, you can wrap it with small sheets of nori seaweed. For those who don’t like seaweed, you can simply put everybody’s favorite ingredients such as tuna and eggs on sushi rice in a bowl to make it like chirashi sushi.

This time, let me introduce the tips on how to roll temaki sushi as one example. The size of the seaweed that is easy to eat and how to wrap it are different for each person, so please feel free to enjoy it.

Temaki sushi

Cooking time : 15 minutes Servings :4-5

  • Sushi rice … 3 cups
  • Dried nori seaweed … 10-15 sheets
  • Your choice of sashimi
  • Your choice of vegetables
  • Dashimaki tamago (Japanese Omlet)

How to cook

  1. Cut a square nori sheet in half (restaurant-style), place it with the shiny side down on your palm.

  2. Put sushi rice at a 45-degree angle to the top left corner of the nori sheet and spread it evenly.

  3. Place some ingredients at a 45-degree angle to the top left corner over the rice.

  4. Roll the bottom left corner up to the middle of the top edge of the nori to form a cone shape.

  5. Enjoy while the nori is still crisp!


  • Cut a nori sheet in quarter for easy-to-eat style.
  • Until just before making temaki sushi, cover sushi rice in a sushi tub with squeezed wet cloths, preventing from being dried.


Here are the perfect plates for temaki sushi.

Ko-Kutani Style Bird Kutani Large Plate
Yoshidaya Clematis Kutani Round Plate Set
Seikou Kiln Blue Peony Kutani Round Plate

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