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For your relaxing breakfast

by Sayuri
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Do you usually eat breakfast? It is said that breakfast is the most important of the three meals.

Why don’t you wake up earlier than usual, make breakfast, and spend your morning relaxing?
Even if you don’t have much of an appetite in the morning, it’s a good idea to provide your body with as much nutrition as possible. If you use your favorite tableware, you might look forward to eating.

Start your day with a great breakfast!

Contained items

Baizan Kiln Arabesque Round Plate  D24.5cm(9.6in) x H3.8cm(1.4in)

Large serving plate features a hand-painted arabesque pattern, one of the representative motifs of Tobe ware. The shade of indigo gives a sense of modern taste.

Baizan Kiln Arabesque Round Plate 9.64in

HAKEME Onta Bread Plate – D18cm(7in) x H4cm(1.5in)

This is an Onta ware plate with a unique pattern created using the traditional technique of brushing. It is both rustic and modern, and can be used with any kind of food.

HAKEME Onta Bread Plate -D18cm(7in) x H4cm(1.5in)


TOBI Onta Sauce Plate – D12cm(4.7in) x H4cm(1.5in)

Small plate from Onta ware with a cute small size. As every process is handcrafted by artisan, no two pieces are the same, thus you can feel its warmth and unique expression.

TOBI Onta Sauce Plate – D12cm(4.7in) x H4cm(1.5in)

Baizan Kiln Arabesuque Tobe Small Bowl

Small bowl from Tobe ware. Perfect for serving small amounts of fruit or sauces.

Baizan Kiln Arabesuque Tobe Small Bowl


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